Small Garden Design Advice and Tips

A Small Garden Design can be just as enjoyable and in some ways effective and productive as a large Garden in the sense of crop production per plant, of course I am looking at Vegetable Garden Layouts, in the case of a flower garden they can be just as visually stunning. However as I am looking at a crop garden you will have to accept that in many cases small gardens will be in confined spaces and we would need to consider this when selecting out planting items.

We must of course maximise what little space we have in Small garden design so and we must therefore consider if containers will be more productive as we can perhaps move them around. If for example our Garden is shaded at certain times of the year we can easily move containers about to best maximise this available sunshine.

Building on levels can also help both in planting to maximise sunshine but also in providing an illusion of size and keeping certain crops separated. It may also allow access to more sunshine by eliminating shadows and obstruction from surrounding walls. Just take a look at the shadows in your garden and see where the sun is hitting at the different time of day and of course season and if by having a raised container it removes this obstacle, certainly I first remember as a kid seeing some containers on tables and could not figure out why and asked the question and saw that this simple process had more than doubled the amount of time the crop was in the sunlight.

Some assistance with what to plant can be found on the back of most seeds, here information will be available and of course in North America the USDA has created 11 planting zones which helps define the types of plant which are best suited for your area. The zone provides information on sunshine and temperatures and this helps to pick the right plants for your climate and also gives information on the right time to plant them.

Now just because it is a Small Garden Design does not mean we should forget all the other criteria when we are planning. S o we still need to consider soil and drainage as well as the sunshine prior to going ahead.

If however we plan this out and just take some time on the assessment of what we can and can’t do subject to the environmental conditions there is no reason why we can’t have an enjoyable and productive garden.