Small Garden Design Tips

There’s nothing worse than not having the space available to achieve your vision for your new garden, but a small garden design can also be seen as an advantage. After all, the less space you have, the less you have to maintain and you can create a really stunning design because you’re able to concentrate on every little detail.

Planning is crucial with any design project, but even more so when you’re working with limited space. A good starting point is to make a list of all the essential things you want in your garden. You should also get outside with your tape measure and ensure that you know the exactly how much room you have. When you bring these two crucial pieces of information together, you can really get an idea of what is realistic.

Sketch out the dimensions of your garden on a piece of paper and then start adding and positioning all of the various features you want to include. For the first time, you’ll get an impression of whether your small garden design is a realistic one. Be warned, you might have to make sacrifices on some of the more frivolous options to make way for the necessities. What you don’t want to do is overcrowd your garden, as that will make it seem even smaller.

Using garden design software is always advisable but even more so with a smaller space. You need to get an accurate idea of how everything will look from different angles and viewpoints. A simple sketch won’t give you the valuable insight that advanced software can, so take advantage of it. You can download it for free from the internet and go 3D with your design in no time.

A small garden design needn’t be a problem, as long as you don’t see it as one. Instead, visualise it as an opportunity to create something that is perfectly crafted, with attention paid to every possible detail.